Q. Is Justapeek really free?
A. Yes. If you’ve already got a video promoting your business, you can submit your video at (http://justapeek.org/submit/) and it will be listed in your market, with no restrictions, ever! The only requirement is that it must be hosted on YouTube to ensure proper playback on mobile and tablets.
Q. Why does Justapeek exist?
A. Justapeek believes nothing beats the simplicity of a simple video when it comes to describing your business. And if you don’t have a video, fill out a request form (http://justapeek.org/request/) and we’ll contact you with details about getting your own custom video on Justapeek.
Q. Will Justapeek add reviews?
A. No. Justapeek believes the local business review market to be of questionable integrity. Fraudulent reviews run rampant in every market and only serve to dilute the intended message of the business.
Q. Why are some videos featured in bold typeface?
A. These are premium, Justapeek-produced video exclusives. They are produced by professional filmmakers who have worked for national clients. Justapeek has a great relationship with filmmakers like these in every market, and they are available to shoot your video at half the price of other local business advertising platforms. For more information, fill out a request form. (http://justapeek.org/request/)
Q. Do premium videos ever expire? What about other usage restrictions?
A. Your video will never expire from the site, and you are never required to sign a costly contract with costlier cancellation terms. We don’t restrict the way you use your video, either. Once we’ve produced a video for you, it is yours to use any way you wish.
Q. Is Justapeek optimized for tablets and mobile devices?
A. Yes.
Q. When will Justapeek be in my market?
A. Justapeek will continue adding new markets based on established partners. There is a good chance your market will be available on Justapeek soon if it isn’t already!
Q. Who uses Justapeek?
A. Justapeek is primarily used by local residents to find undiscovered businesses and services in their region, in addition to tourists visiting new places in the US with a specific interest in mind. Justapeek engages with markets it already operates in through targeted advertising to support existing partners.
Q. How can I contact Justapeek with questions or comments?
A. support@justapeek.org